The Greats Escape

Published on: 29 Jul 2013

We’ve all thought about dumping law and doing something more worthwhile instead. But what do you know about those who did take the leap and achieved, um, greatness?

1. Sara Sutcliffe, the formal Legal Director of the British Olympic Authority and Baker and McKenzie disputes specialist, has recently become the CEO of which sporting body?

a) The English Curling Association

b) The All England Bar Billiard Association

c) The English Table Tennis Association?

2. After holding the Presidency of the Law Society at Glasgow University, he joined an Edinburgh firm as a trainee. However, his partying lifestyle led to him being fired one week before qualification. Is he:

a) Gerard Butler

b) Sean Connery

c) Ewan McGregor?

3. He studied Law at Edinburgh University and was licensed to the bar in 1875; as a student he spent most of his time and money in cheap pubs and brothels. Later, he gave the world such classics as Kidnapped. Was he:

a) Sir Walter Scott

b) Robert Louis Stevenson

c) J.M. Barrie?

4. He studied Law at the University of Vienna, then moved to Hollywood to start a five-decade career directing films such as Laura, Fallen Angel and The Man With The Golden Arm. Was he:

a) Fritz Lang

b) Erich von Stroheim

c) Otto Preminger?

5. He studied Law at Downing College, Cambridge, where he (reportedly) learnt to walk in a funny way in order to avoid the puddles in the quad. Is he:

a) Lee Evans

b) John Cleese

c) Max Wall?

6. Friends advised this man to go to Bombay to study Indian law, but when he finally got his first case there he was too shy to cross-examine the opposing witnesses. He returned the fee and told his client to find another lawyer. Was he:

a) Mahatma Gandhi

b) Jawaharlal Nehru

c) Deepak Chopra?

7. With Oliver Tambo, he opened South Africa’s first African-run law firm in 1953. Is he:

a) Desmond Tutu

b) Nelson Mandela

c) Steve Biko?

8. He put himself through his Law studies in Pisa by singing in piano bars. Is he:

a) Andrea Bocelli

b) Placido Domingo

c) Jose Carreras?

9. She specialised in IP and Marketing law at US firm Sidley Austin. Is she:

a) Michelle Obama

b) Hillary Clinton

c) Nancy Pelosi?

10. Finally, he set up a partnership in Cuba in 1950 which failed – its biggest client paid in timber to furnish the office. Is he:

a) Ernest Hemingway

b) Che Guevara

c) Fidel Castro?

Scroll down for answers.

Answers: 1c; 2a; 3b; 4c; 5b; 6a; 7b; 8a; 9a; 10c

How did you do?

3 or less: You know nothing about legal escapees. Maybe you love your job too much?

4 to 7: You’ve heard of one or two absconders, but you’re not bothered either way.

8 or higher: You’re dreaming of escape. Better start tunnelling today, and don’t forget to hide those soil bags in your trousers. AB

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